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Megan with friends and family Oct 1999

Willow Street Pizza!:
Megan with the top down!:
Standing with Flowers!:
Megan with some prunes!:
Megan and me standing!:
Megan with 2 toys!:
Jake and baby!:

Megan with friends and family July 1999
The Three Amigos!:
Eilleen with Megan.:
Dad with Megan.:
Megans first Easter Egg Hunt!!:
Karen with Megan.:
Shannon playing with Megan:
Megan eating
Rose snuggling with Megan:
Post mom feeding. Eww:
International Baby!:
Swinging Baby!!:
Ron and Megan at Truckee.:
Megan's new best friend.:
A whole lota women!:

Softball Teams new baby!!:
Hannah Kay Galocy Page!!

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