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The Family and Friends Picture Page !!!

Click on any of the below links to view some recent pictures of my daughter with friends and family!!!!

Pictures from 6/99
Here are some pictures from daycare.
Thank You Grace!!!
Megan taming a wild bear.:
Megan and good friend Diana.:

PICTURE from 4/14/99
Here is the first scanned pictures from the
William's Grandparents!!!
Megan and ( Megan with Judy ).:

New Pictures of Spencer thanks to his dad Hal!
Spencer and his buddy Mike.:
Spencer clowning around!!.:

PICTURE from 3/29/99
Couch Potato Training at Daycare!!.:

PICTURE from 3/09/99
It's Laundry Day!!.:

The Beach. Scott, Kris and others.:
Kris's Family Photo:
Uncle Scott as an infant:
B/W Scott and Kris:

Sorry about the quality of the first 3
But Carolyn gave 1 inch photos to scan

Here's the list!! Megan's in most of them.

Betty and daughters:
Three Brothers:
Carolyn in the baby's room:
Charlene and Katie with baby:
Dad and I with Megan:
Gary and Eileen:
Mom and Baby!!:
Marie and Spencer with Megan:
Megan alone:
Megan alone again:
Virginia and Megan:
Megan and I napping:
Rob and Shannon:
Ron and baby:
Surprised Ron and baby:
Scott and baby:
Families first christmas tree!:

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